Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My name is Holly. I've been reading quilting blogs for about a year now. After learning so much from blogs and seeing all the fun, I decided it was time for me to give this a try.
I am currently working on the quilt that is pictured in my header. Well, sort of working on it. Im a quilter that never has a plan when I start a quilt. Well, as you might have guessed or even known from previous experience, not having a plan is not a good idea!
The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. It actually has a bit more added to it than what the picture shows. However, not having a plan did catch up with me on this quilt. It is now at my LQS getting "fixed". I so love the girls at my LQS! I was going to throw the quilt in the trash. No, they wouldnt let me do so. With quilting for just 3-4 years, finding a way to fix mistakes does not come easy to me. Let alone I detest ripping anything out, especially nearly a whole quilt. These girls have graciously offered to rip out what needs ripped out, put another border into it and get it back on track for me to finish up. What awesome quilters they are! I will be sure and post pics of it again when it returns.
So, this is my quilting blog for my first post. I hope to learn more about blogger as I go along. I wanted to take todays post in a completely different direction and had a completely subject in mind. However, I couldnt get pictures to line up as I wanted them.
Im already planning a giveaway when I reach 50 followers (who knows, maybe even before then). So, add me to your list and keep checking back. You never know if you might be the lucky winner(s).

P.S. - I have listed just SOME of the blogs on the right side of my page. I didnt ask anyone if i could do so. ;0 If, I have listed your blog and you'd prefer that I hadnt, please contact me and i will be happy to remove it. And, yes im working on getting just the page titles to appear with the addy's embedded in them. I guess the sensible thing to do would be read the tutorials that come along with blogger????? lol