Sunday, July 19, 2009

This and That

Woohoo, I finally figured out something that is at least close to the desired effect of how I wanted my pictures to align on blogspot. Now if only I could figure out how to type in between the pictures instead of having them all in a row with nothing in between.
Anyways, this is the same quilt that is in my header and also at my LQS getting fixed. These pics were taken before I left it at the LQS, can you see any of the booboo's in it???
Im very excited to go this week and see how the quilt is coming along. I am really anxious to get it finished up after i get it back and enjoy it for awhile this summer. I love the color Orange and the quilt is very girlish (perhaps even a bit childish?)imo. Im sure my dh will love having the quilt on our bed. ;) Thank goodness he's a go with the flow type of guy and really wont care. As long as there is a blanket and pillow on the bed at night, he doesnt care what it is. What a great guy!
So, tomorrow starts the beginning of crazymomquilts quilt-a-long. Ive joined the fun. Have I looked into my scrap bins for my first block to sew tomorrow morning? Who are you kidding, of course I haven't!!! This weekend flew by so fast that I really didnt even have time to think about sewing.
And speaking of the weekend... it was a great weekend to say the least. Friday night, the boys went to see a movie. Bob and I spent most of the evening just lazy'ing around the house not doing too much of anything. Yesterday, we went to some Amish Farms and bought some fresh vegetables. Today, I spent much of the day cleaning and making homemade Chicken Noodle soup. My Parents came to visit this evening and we played a game of cards with them. So as you can see, nothing overly exciting but it was a nice, quiet and relaxing weekend for the most part.
Well, i guess i'd better go and hit the scrap bins and see what I can round up for my first 1 or 2 block for the 9 patch quilt-a-long. Stay tuned this week, as i hope to have some pics of finished and unfinished projects that i've done in my quilting adventures. :)