Friday, July 17, 2009

My first Quilt-a-long

Oh, im so excited, Amanda Jean over at crazymom quilts is hosting a quilt-a-long. I decided to join this one. It's a 9 patch one a day block. At the end of 70 days, we will have enough blocks to make a 66x90 quilt (with sashing). Sounds like fun huh? Thank you Amanda Jean!
If you'd like to check it out, the addy for Amanda Jeans site is It starts this coming Monday, July 20.

I havent gone to see about my quilt yet at the LQS. I dont want them to think im in rush to get it back, because really i'm not. It will be just one more project laying around needing to get finished! And I just joined a quilt-a-long??? LOL I will maybe stop by later next week. They sell scrap bags there from the projects they make in the store. They will be great to use for Amanda Jeans quilt-a-long. I may tho, wait to pick up a bag or 2 until i've used up some of my scraps here. I think that is idea of the quilt a long anyways (well, at least MY idea). To use up scraps at home, not go buy more.

If I dont make it back to posting before Monday, have a great weekend.