Monday, August 3, 2009

What Have I been Doing?

Well, Last week we took the boys camping for 5 days. While we werent all that far from home, it was a nice get-a-way from all the hussle and bussles of life. It was probaly the last big camping trip that we'll take before school starts up again in about 4 weeks.
Also, i've been trying to figure out what silly element I was missing on getting my pictures to align on this blog. I finally got that figured out. Thanks to blogspot forums. I had an answer to my question in less than 5 minutes. People are totally amazing when it comes to helping others out.
So what's new on the quilting end?
So far, I've made 10 of these Dresden Plate blocks. I still have at least 10 more to do yet. Possibly maybe even 20 more. I havent decided yet for sure, yet.

This quilt also came back from my LQS. I so love the subtle changes they made to it. First picture shows the quilt top before it left to go to the ICU. The 2nd shows it now that it's back. It's not quite all put back together again. The girls were working on it when I arrived to pick it up. They were more than willing to finish it up. However, it was just some simple sewing that needed finished up. I could handle that. Can you see any of the changes that they made

And last but not least, i'm still keeping up with Crazymomquilts quilt-a-long making 1 a day 9 patch blocks. Somedays, I do find myself making more than just 1 block.

And there ya have it, that is pretty much what i've been doing with my time this past week or so. Oh and not to mention, I tried so many times to figure out how to align my pictures with text in between, to not avail. Thank you blogger for having such a thing called forums where we can go and ask questions. Now, why didn't I peruse those about 3 weeks ago??