Friday, October 30, 2009

I Am So Excited

Just what could have me so excited enough to keep me wide awake at nearly 3am? I'm going somewhere tomorrow. Somewhere that is new to me. Somewhere that im hoping will throw me into a transe. Somewhere that I hope I find the day trip worthy enough to make many more trips in the future. So where could this place be?
Well, let me start from the beginning. I believe it was Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. I had crawled into bed at what seemed like my normal bedtime this past week. Approximately, 4:30 am. The television was playing and I really wasnt paying much attention to it at all, as I was exhausted.
Oh no, I did not hear what I thought I may have just heard? Or did I? My eyes flew open, I rolled over and glanced at the tv. Ah yes, I did hear it right. It's a commercial for a Quilt and Antique store. The video of the store was awesome and showed bolt upon bolt of fabric. The best part? It is much bigger than anything that i've been in to this point and looks very sophisticated. I tell myself to make a note of the store and look it up on the internet when I awake later that morning.
I fell asleep thinking about that store and I woke up thinking about that store. As soon as i'd gotten the boys off to school, it was time to look on the internet for this seemingly wonderful place. I find, it's about 1 1/2 hours from my home. The next thing I want to know is if they carry Moda precuts and yardage? Oh darn, they have very little exact fabric lines listed on their site. Ok, the phone number to the store is listed. "I'm saying to myself, "Holly, get the things done you need to do, then call this store to ask your questions".
To make a long story short, they do carry Moda precuts and yardage. I am especially interested in Lila Tueller designs. However, when I asked specifically if they carry Lila Tueller fabrics, the girl on the phone wasnt sure. Oh Darn!!
After giving it some more thought, I say I can live with them possibly not have exactly which fabrics I prefer. They still carry Moda and that's good enough for me. I have yet to find a Quilt store in my area that carries it. It's still worth a trip to go and see just what they do have. Moda has many wonderful designers and im sure that I will find another line or 2 that I am nearly as crazy about.
So, tomorrow after my DH gets finished with doing the few things he needs to get done, we're on the road to go and visit this place. And, that is why im so excited!
I hope to remember to take my camera along and snap a few pictures to post. If it's allowed, ill be back hopefully Sunday Evening to post the pictures.