Friday, March 12, 2010

Still Living

Oh yes, it's true! I am still alive and life is busy, but good! Although, I've not did any sewing at all. I havent even been in my sewing room for several weeks now. I hear it calling my name at times and i just cant find the time to escape into my own little haven and let all my cares of the world roll off my shoulders by the way of sewing.
I started back to work for Tax Season on January 4th and as much as I really do enjoy my job and get to see people, I really miss my sewing time.
Today, I had to work only for 3 hours and as I was finishing my short but much enjoyed shift, i was wondering what i'd do with my afternoon? I didnt really have any plans to speak of. As I was on my way home, it suddenly hit me. I hadnt been to my LQS since before Christmas. So off the the LQS I went to visit. They had the cutest pattern there with 9 little mini quilts. Of course, it had to come home with me. As well as 4 fat quarters. I was in bliss!
A few months ago, my camera stopped working. It no longer has a working flash. WOOhoo, a new camera is in the future soon. One just cant keep up a decent sewing/quilting blog without a decent functioning camera, right? Hey, it sounds like a good excuse to tell my husand!
Life in general has been treating me very kindly these past few months. There's been very few downs and alot of ups!
And there ya have it. My life for the past few months while I wasnt very successful at keeping up with blogging. As you can see, there wasnt much by way of sewing to blog about. I hope to be back at sewing, blogging, picture taking, etc again very soon.