Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Nearly October

Wow, I had known I was doing some serious neglecting of my blog these past few months. FEW months??? I was shocked when I logged in and saw i've been neglecting since March. I was still working at H&R Block this past March and that seems like it's been eons ago. The summer days that seemed to so slowly crawl by are gone and now the crisp fall air is setting in. I love fall though and am glad to see this past summer be just that, the past. It was not a kind summer at all! Although, I wont complain. Im a firm believer in that there is a "lesson" to learn for every tribulation that life deals at times. They are lessons/answers that i'd much rather not have to soul search to find. Sometimes, I find them. Other times, I dont. Irreguardless, trials and tribulations along with the good things in life are what makes me who I am. And since I still wake up each day, able to see another sunrise and sunset, life is still good even in it's darkest hours.

So what's new on the sewing/quilting front? Not a thing! I had started a Dresden Plate Table Topper way back when and it's still not finished yet. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE to make Dresden Plates? I had started it with a fat quarter bundle and didn't have enough the print that I wanted for the border in it. Two weeks ago, I went to a Quilt Store in the hopes that they may have had the line of fabric I needed. I hit gold and they had it. The new fabrics, ric rac and started table topper have been lying in a nice little neat pile ever since. Sorry for the quality of the picture, it stinks, i know!

My good friend (sewing machine), that sticks by me through thick and thin has also been feeling quite neglected. She sets upstairs in her room just waiting for me to find some time to spend with her. Im feeling a few dates coming her way in the near future. Christmas will be here before I know it and I have several gifts planned. Christmas??? It's time to start thinking of that again too? But first, I must put the room back together again. I tore down the folding tables that I use for cutting and sewing for various reasons and that room had become a real mess through the process as I quickly needed the tables and had just thrown everything wherever there was room to throw.

I had also learned a new craft over the summer. Stitching Cards! They are so fun to do and so awesome to give away. I have made a few of them now for additional gifts. I do them in way that they they are able to be framed if the recipient so chooses and bought the frames to include in the packages given. Both recipients had thought they were the neatest thing. Both had been personalized with their names and such to fit the occassions. I have also made myself 2 bookmarkers. I laminated them with clear contact paper and put little tassles on them. So cute! This is a really cheap craft also. To get started, you just need some embroidery thread, card stock and needles. Oh and of course something to "punch" the holes in the card stock with. I just used my awl that I use for quilting. It worked perfectly. You could just use a regular sharp need too for punching. While i'd love to post pictures of the bookmarks that I have made, I don't understand all the copyright laws posted on the website of the patterns, so id better not put up pictures. However, you can take a look at the different patterns at if you'd like to see.

I guess this is all for today. Perhaps later in the day, I will reacquaint my sewing machine and kitchen table again. They had a relationship long ago before the days of my taking the time to turn a spare bedroom into a sewing room. And if I sew, then i'd have a reason to come back and keep updating with the finished table topper pictured above and get some incentive to start on other projects.

Hopefully, i'll be back soon with something fun to talk about and get reacquainted with Blogland.

For now, take care and see you soon.