Saturday, October 24, 2009


Wow, it's been nealy 2 months since i've last posted? Yes, life surely does get in the way at times! However, i've still had some time to create here and there!

This wallhanging is my lastest creation. Although, it's not quite finished yet and I still need redo the checkerboard patches in it, I think I will be quite happy with it in the end. I am contemplating on doing this up in all blues or some other color to match my house. The design in itself is just do darn cute. If, I had one to leave up all winter long, id be so happy!

Mr Joe Cool Pumpkin here, what can I say? I LOVE HIM! This was the 2nd of these I made. I had to learn blanket stitching in this project. It is by far perfect, but for only the 2nd try, ill live with how it's done. Mr Joe Cool still looks cool!

This little jacket, I machine appliqued the Tinkerbell on the front of the jacket and also added another applique to the back! Little Miss Tinkerbell lover was quite happy with this when it was finished. I so love to create things for little girls!

And, there you have it! Other than one other project that I cant post at this time, that's what i've been up to in the way of sewing!

On a few other notes...

I just recently discovered Google Reader. What a surprise it was to find out how convenient this is. Daily, i'd scan all the blogs i so love to read, in fear that i'd miss a post. You do know, that would be traumatic right? ;) Neeless to say with an ever growing list of about 50 blogs now, this did take some time. With Google reader, ya just pop all the blogs into the program and Google tells you which blogs have been updated. If you dont have this and you like to keep up with several blogs, I greatly recommend it.

As a very good friend was kind enough to remind me the other day, Christmas was only 64 days away (I think it's now 62 days). Am I the only one who says that friend just can't be right? 60 some days away? Omygosh, lets change the subject already!

With that all being said, im gonna stop here before I bore you all. Plus, yes life is calling me and i've got all those Mom and Wife things to do today. Im back to blog again and I do have some of what I think are awesome things coming up to tell you about. So, keep checking back!

Have a great day,