Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ever since I have started quilting, I have always been fascinated by dresdens of any sort. They looked way to much difficult for me to even attempt though. Last Night, I was browsing the web and what did a come across? A wonderful way to easily complete them! The picture shows my first block that I did last night. I just couldnt wait to do at least one.

I cant decide what color scheme to use in a big quilt. We're in need of a winter quilt. So, i'm thinking possibly dark colors with a cream background? Shall I use only certain colors or go totally scrappy? I have a HUGE amount of scraps! Perhaps the dresdens will help to use those up a bit if I should decide to go that route.

I saw my other quilt at my LQS yesterday, it looks fabulous! Its not much different than before, but there are some little differences. Best of all, at least the blocks all line up now. It will be done tomorrow for me to pick it up (actually it was done today but I was busy). I can't wait!!